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Re: Quattro = ratio 1:1:4 .... ???

D Cox wrote:

PrebenR wrote:

Hardy Steiner wrote:

So, that's a change: ratio 1:1:4 for the number of red, green, and blue megapixels, respectively.

So does this mean the sensor is more sensitive towards blue? What's the advantage here really in simple words?

You cannot talk about red, green and blue as if it was a Bayer sensor. Remember there are no colour filters. It will be very very interesting to see the results!

The silicon itself is a colour filter, or rather it is two colour filters, as the effect varies with depth.

Which mean B+R+G passing through the top layer, (B)+R+G though 2nd and ((B) + G) + R on 3rd.

Then you need to backtrace to get the colours right.

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