Lenstip tests the DA 20-40 F2.8-4 Limited lens!

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Re: Lenstip rambles in absolutes

As many have said above, and drawn a much finer picture: for those who like the DA 20-40, it is a remarkable lens made for 3D rendition of landscapes and portraits,

Ahhhhh the fabled pixie dust.

OK some lenses do have something special beyond sharpness, and sometimes it's very difficult to put your finger on. But a lot of times it is actually possible, it's just that people like you and I lack the knowledge of optics required to do so.

Lenstip does not lack this knowledge -- quite the contrary. They are the only review site I've seen to present for instance color transmission curves for lenses they review, which is something of great interest to me personally and an area where Pentax excels and Sigma, for instance, has historically been quite poor. I find their publishing images of a lens's bokeh balls and coma for instance a fantastic way to bring these very subjective qualities of lens rendering into clearer focus and make them comparable. Where they fall a bit short is providing information on lower-frequency contrast, an area where certain Pentax lenses may be superior despite potentially lacking high-frequency sharpness in some areas.

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