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Re: Not exactly gone...

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Hardy Steiner wrote:

yeah, exactly, it sounds a bit like the original 3 colors per pixel advantage/approach is gone.

Well, not totally gone... since there is some overlap between layers it could be the separate blue layers can help hint how the single red/green layer should be broken out.

I am not sure how this is so without a major guess.  The camera would have to know what kind of object it is or such.  Maybe they can have a statistical general gradient database but that would also hit a lot of misses.

But note quite as "pure" an approach to be sure.

Well, it still has to interpolate color, so it's no longer as it used to be.  But it should sure be better to interpolate than Bayer.

Although one thing to keep in mind is the sensor is still not filter out out any data, all light still goes into the sensor and gets measured...

But you did reduce the resolution of green and red to 1/4th, so you still have to interpolate color. But yes, it should still be better of an interpolation to do than Bayer.

How this affects real world pics is up to be seen. It will be interesting to compare DP2M pics VS DP2 Quattro.

That will be really, really interesting and should keep some people occupied for a while! Sort of larger resolution with more interpolation, but less noise... it will probably depend somewhat on what you are shooting and in what light levels.

I think for B&W this will be much better. For color it's going to get interesting.

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