On Foveon X3 Quattro...

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On Foveon X3 Quattro...

So looks like Sigma/Foveon decided to resort to interpolating color after all in order to boost ISO sensitivity.  This is a similar idea to something I posted years ago, but I posted about using two layers, not three.  I am sure I am not the only one who thought something similar.

So on one end the Foveon loses the per-pixel 3 color data of old, on the other the interpolation for color should still be easier/more accurate than Bayer while the B&W interpolation required should approximate quite closely the ideal.

Someone may say that this is a loss for the original Foveon approach - however, given how much noise the last sensor before this one had, you could argue that for ISO's bigger than 400 or even 100-200, this approach may very well provide more accurate data anyway.

So the resolution for green and red goes down to pretty much the original 4.7 megapixel Foveon (4.4) while the Blue keeps the new high 19.6 spatial pixels.

The human eye is more sensitive to detail rather than color.  There were/are techniques for video games development for texture compression that take advantage of this fact, so in this case having even more data plus clever interpolation may very well end up giving a nice resolution but less jaggies.  It's interesting.

The big question I have now is how much the ISO is improved and the color constancy so we don't get those greens and magentas in darker areas.  14-bit suggests also finer gradation and possibly dynamic range.

Will be fun to see the samples.

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