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Re: Seems like much better high ISO support, less detail

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Hardy Steiner wrote:

So, that's a change: ratio 1:1:4 for the number of red, green, and blue megapixels, respectively.

So does this mean the sensor is more sensitive towards blue? What's the advantage here really in simple words?

To me it seems like the advantage would be much cleaner high ISO images.

Go into any Merrill raw file today, activate monochrome mode in SPP - flip the color wheel between red/green/blue. Note how blue is usually cleaner. With this new design, blue would be a bit noisier broken into four sensors, but there's a lot more of them - red & green would be just as clean.

What I'm not sure about yet is what this does for effective detail. That's quite a lot fewer red/green photosites at work, even with the slightly increased pixel count. Very interesting. I thought I remembered there being a patent on this approach at one point so perhaps it's already been discussed.

This design requires color interpolation to get to the 19.x spatial locations.  But it should still be better than typical Bayer.  For B&W while it would require interpolation for red and green layers, it will be still better approximate to the ideal.

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