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New sensor tech explained- Foveon X3 Quattro


It's a 19.x megapixel sensor (spatial) so 2 x that is 38-39 MP. Sigma says it's 39 megapixel equivalent so that makes perfect sense (2 x 19.x).

However, they are now interpolating color- the Green and Red layers are 1/4th the resolution, while the Blue keeps the detail layer. Interesting indeed- so they are aiming to decrease the green & red noise layers while the blue which is the first layer and the one that was less prone to noise carries the detail.

For B&W this may be great. For color, I want to see how it looks- it's not X3 anymore like the previous Foveons per photo site, but only for the blue layer. The interpolation should still be better than typical Bayer though.

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