E-M5 C-AF question

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Re: E-M5 C-AF question

I found the answer to the question why most photos are in focus even though the E-M5 is hunting. You can actually choose whether the camera waits for a lock or not:

C-AF and release priority

If release priority is set to on (default for C-AF), the camera will respond to a full press of the shutter release button inmediately by taking a picture. When set to off, the camera will wait with taking the picture until it has a focus lock. For C-AF, this means you have a choice between often having out of focus pictures (release priority on) or having unpredictable 'shutter lag' but usually in-focus pictures. Obviously neither is ideal, but with 'fast AF' capable micro FourThirds lenses and somewhat decent light, the resulting shutter lag is so low that turning off release priority seems to be the better compromise.



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