MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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I did not think of lens ..

Anders W wrote:


They are both 16mpx, so there should not be any difference.

Apart from that thing called a lens and that thing called an aperture and all the implications that follow from the two. Did you consider those? If so how?

You pointed to this portion of an image as some sorts of proof, yet what you see as noisier (I don't) also appears to some degree better detailed. I did not think about the lens (silly me), larger pixels perhaps. And we are looking at two stops difference in the most extremes.

The other cameras are not exactly relevant, since those are of different pixel counts, hence the images are of different sizes.

They are of course just as relevant as you make them. If you think the pixel count of the A7 and A7R explains the entire difference, feel free to downsample and see what you end up with. That was of course already done in the diagrams I displayed. Those are for a pixel count of 8 MP for all cameras alike. MFT is still 1.5 EV ahead.

They are irrelevant because they need to be downloaded, down-scaled first, to be seen as any meaningful comparison. And as Joe pointed out dr considers only read noise, which is not the most common noise in most images. Out of morbid curiosity I did down-scale several such images in the past, and clearly the results showed closer to two stops difference on the average, and at the very least with the same recorded detail in them (if we really go for noise).

What I find bothersome in your posts is that you catch only one point somewhere in the image pipeline (as dr), and you will be repeating the same thing over and over on every thread you post like it means something. Completely disregarding the rest of the picture, like commonly prevailant shot noise, midtones, highlights, gradation, etc.. Ever got tired of those white holes in the skies that were meant to be clouds, or glowing contours around the edges that were supposed to be horizons? Been there, done it, thank you.

Another point (to your last sentence), as I said earlier, you do not down-size image before doing anything else with it. You do something with it first, and then you down-size it for viewing.

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