It’s been a couple years, time to buy another camera…

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It’s been a couple years, time to buy another camera…

My first M4/3 camera was the Panasonic GH2. I picked it up when it was the best game in town for MFT, upgrading from the E-520. The GH2 was the only MFT camera that wasn’t running the then-aging sensor from the E-30. A while later, wanting a secondary camera I picked up the Olympus E-PL1, refurbished from Cameta—probably the best $120 I’ve ever spent. The GH2 does a great job on landscapes and the DR performance has just gotten better from there, while the E-PL1 remains quite usable (and I find its image stabilization more useful than the few more stops of high ISO performance I get on the GH2).

I mainly use Four Thirds mount lenses, so I’m the prime candidate for the E-M1, but I don’t think I’ll go for that one. I’m just not not sure that all that it offers over other models is worth, to me, double the price of the E-M10. Here’s why:

The situations where I would actually need weather sealing, I wouldn't be getting any usable photos anyway. Water droplets on the lens don’t do well with wide angle photography. Weather sealing really seems like more of a necessity in situations where you have no choice but to be shooting--so outdoor events in heavy rain. If I was actually making money on my photography, money wouldn't be an object at these levels and I'd pick up weather sealed gear in a heartbeat. But for the time being it's really just a glorified hobby that I have a fine arts degree for...

While the E-M1 would be technically better for focusing my main lenses, both of my current cameras do an admirable job focusing my CDAF-compatible 14-54 mk II (faster CDAF than any Four Thirds camera ever did with the possible exception of the E-5, and faster to focus than the E-520’s PDAF ever focused that lens in all but the brightest daylight), and the 11-22 isn't exactly a lens I use for action subjects. All my other lenses are MFT mount, and not weather sealed.

To bring the E-M1 to the level I’d consider usable, I’d have to add in a lot of accessories. More batteries. The weather-sealed MMF adapter. Looking to be a quite expensive proposition there.

I’m mostly oriented toward Olympus cameras, but have nothing against Panasonic. The GX7 is pretty attractive, 1/8000 sec shutter but I’m not sure the form factor would work well with my HG Four Thirds lenses. The G6 is a non-starter for me—nice low price and it takes the same batteries as my GH2, but it shows as basically the same in IQ to my GH2. I’d like a step up from that level.

My photography is primarily landscape and in the studio.

TL;DR: I've been out of the camera loop for a while, and while I could find a way to afford the E-M1 or similarly priced camera, I'm probably going to get the E-M10. Either convince me this is the right path or try to convince me otherwise.

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