What's all this about "slow" AF with X-E1/X-Pro1??

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What are you talking about ?

mistermejia wrote:

stillman3 wrote:

>I had to wait around two seconds

Did you have the image display set to on. (Menu item blue 2) setup menu. The display with show a preview of your image for a minimum of 1.5 seconds after shooting. Turn this off (no chimping) and it responds quickly.

Good luck Eric

Yes, the sales guy turned that off for sure. But the thing i didn't like is that two second shutter being closed when i was looking thru the view finder.

Besides inserting the fastest card and formatting it, what are THE best settings to configure the XE1 to run at its fastest speed?

I am going to go back to the store this week because i think they will have a NO TAX sale on everything at Samy's Camera. I want to give the XE1 another try.

Also, i know this camera is NOT for video, but do any of you know if after the latest firmware does the video focusing "tracking" improved a little or not at all with the 18-55 lens? I was just wondering. This is not for professional video, just for using during my kid's school auditorium plays and activities. Basic stuff, you know.

Shutter lag is not actually that... it is the time  you wait after you push the button and wait for the shutter to do something. Writing time takes a while - in most cameras , but it is not the real limitation when we talk about shutter lag.  What kind of rapid action do you want actually?

If you need /want a fast series of images - like 5 frames / second you must set the camera to do that. And there must be enough light to get a fast shutter speed in the first place.

BUT if you want to get the picture taken exactly on some precise moment  - for example somebody jumping over a fence - it is you who must think first how it is done. Of course this can be done with X-E1 or other models

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