Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: let me try again: why do YOU say Android tabs are "useless devices"? (n/t)

seraiah wrote:

abortabort wrote:

joel artino wrote:

You won't be sorry and you won't second guess yourself in a few months.

Case closed, truly.


Except there is a very good chance they will.

Case closed? Because you say the same thing over and over? Yeah, that's how things should work.

That's my personal experience with them. Others might be able to suggest otherwise with their own reasons. If I want a tablet device to edit images on the go, I don't want a limited quasi-app or have to use multiple apps and then figure out how to 'sync' somehow these devices AND not be able to transfer any of my edits / libraries over to my main editing machine when I get back home. Using a Windows tablet is simply like using an ultrabook in a tablet form factor. I can use LR on a regular USB hard drive with all my libraries saved that I can plug straight into my (Mac) laptop and continue editing, no exporting, no having to buy external devices that often do less than they advertise, or have cluncky work arounds to get stuff in and out of them.

It isn't about whether an iPad can do it, it is how it actually fits in with my other gear and my workflow. Yes I could probably do an edit of sorts on an iPad, but with non-destructive editing I have to have that edit information come across to my main system and it simply won't. So when I go to edit 'properly' I have to start from scratch - This makes the whole editing on the go process completely pointless to me.

Android has even less useful apps in my experience and is no way near as mature as the iPad. But Windows has been around a lot longer than both of them put together and has by far the biggest range of fully fledged professional applications available. For me I just use Sketchbook Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop plus web browser, email etc and that's it on my PP tablet. If I want a general surfing device there are better options (the iPad definitely being one of them) but for image manipulation there is nothing close to a Windows tablet (oh except the wonderful but bloody expensive Axiom Mac converted tablets - One of those would be the best of the best, but sadly out of my budget).

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