Strange A6000 spec's ?

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Re: Replaces NEX-6 If Price Is Accurate

kcamacho11 wrote:

captura wrote:

Photostyle wrote:

with A7 EVF ? and now only for 650 euro ?

So far so good, but the price is out to lunch.

This is looking to be a 6 replacement.

If the $800-$900 price with kit lens is accurate, then there is no doubt in my mind that this A6000 will just be replacing the NEX-6.

When the NEX-7 was released as the flagship mirrorless camera from Sony, it was in the $1400's with kit lens. IMO, there would be way too much of a gap in pricing between the "Flagship" A6000 and the A7.

Granted, it looks like a nice camera and a nice update from the NEX-6, but if it truly is between $800-900 for the kit, no way this will replace both the 6+7 and be classified as the APS-C mirrorless flagship for Sony.

If so, this is what I would predict:

* $699 A6000 Body Only
* $850 A6000 Kit
* Replaces the NEX-6

Mid-Late 2014 Announcement:

Sony A7000:
* Successor to the NEX-7
* Flagship APS-C Mirrorless camera
* Same sensor as A6000
* No low pass filter
* Weather-sealed
* More dials/controls
* Dual card slot maybe?
* $1100 Body only

hopefully $999 max, and ideally $899 for body only

* $1299 Kit

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