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Re: APSC vs FF

SQLGuy wrote:

Michael Everett wrote:

Let's be practical. I agree FF is better. Yet I have spent a lot of money on the NEX-7 and a bunch of E-mount lenses. I also have Metabones Speed Reducer. When I am in low light, the SB plus a Canon FDn 50 1.4, does an excellent job with only having to go over ISO 800 very seldom.

The bottom line in the real world is how much would I actually gain in picture taking by scraping (actually selling) all my APS-C equipment and starting over in FF. While FF is theoretically better I'm not sure the cost is worth it. I print up to 16x24 and would be hard pressed to imagine much improvement in the actual images. And I am picky.


If you only have one legacy full frame lens, and you're happy enough with the IQ of the Speed Booster, then it sounds like you've found the right solution for you.

I didn't try a Speed Booster. Metabones took so long to get the FD one to market that I instead had to try one of the other brands. I was very disappointed in its IQ and I returned it. By that time, the A7 was announced. I shoot a number of different brands of full frame lenses, so A) the cost from Metabones for multiple adapters would be higher than the cost of the A7 and B) a number of them aren't supported (or even - Leica, Contax G, etc) supportable by focal reducers.

I have heard, though, that even the Speed Boosters work better with some focal length and speed lenses than others. A real full frame sensor works well for all of those SLR lenses.

I have tried many legacy lenses with the Nex 7, and have now reduced it to three FD's, FD 24/2.8 SSC, FDn 35/2, and FDn 50/1/4, plus a collection of special, e.g. macro and telephoto lenses.  I found the Sigma 30 and 60 to be excellent e-mount primes.  I tried the Zeiss Touit 32, but saw little difference between it and the Sigma, except the AF was slower and noisier.  Re legacy lenses, I found the secret to be try several samples of each until you get and exceptional one.  Most are cheap enough to do that.

I had a Zhongy LT, which worked OK, but found the SB noticeably better, especially around the edges.  I would like to get an A7, but will wait because I think my system is good enough for the time being.  I also believe the secret with the 7 is to get good lenses.  Otherwise there is not that much point in it over the 6 or 5's.

BTW I always shoot Raw, and while the SB cuts down on contrast a little, it's not too bad, and anyway my go-to lens is the Sigma 30 unless the light is too low or I need a specially FL.



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