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that's the entire issue

Of course FF has lower noise and higher ISO, no one disagrees. But if the lenses are slower (F4 versus F2.8) the net result is similar.

This isn't limited to Sony. Canon and Nikon FF lenses are, especially for midrange-zooms, slower than their APC equivalents, leaving you wondering what the big advantage is.

Ah, but when you shoot primes, FF turns into a wonderland. A nice F1.4 prime on FF is a wonder.

kartikjayaraman wrote:

To my eyes, the ISO advantage is definitely there in a FF sensor. APS-C just cannot cut it when you go above ISO 400 unless you PP a lot (some bodies like the Nikon D7100 in that price range are pretty good though). Those who have or had owned an APS-C like the A77 know what I am talking about

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