MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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Re: MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

Godfrey wrote:

windsprite wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

No. I shoot with smaller format camera systems using longer lenses when I want shallower DoF.

Longer lenses can help to isolate the subect, but they don't give you shallower DOF. For the same subject magnification and aperture on the same format, a wide angle will give you the same approximate DOF as a super telephoto. It's just that the background becomes magnified with the longer lens, giving the illusion of shallower DOF. If you look at the sharp area in each photo, you will see that they are about the same.


Why yes, of course. Duh.

That's the whole point: to create the appearance of a softer background. Who gives a darn whether the DoF is any different?

Well, how smoothly the subject fades from being in focus to out-of-focus is sometimes part of the appeal.  For example, take a photo, lasso the subject, and blur everything else in the scene.  It can look kind of contrived, sometimes, the same way as if you used a long focal length with a relatively deep DOF and a background far away (e.g. 300mm f/8).  Not saying it will look bad -- just saying that there is a reason people care about DOF and not merely background blur.

You need a certain amount of DoF to make the subject sharp, wouldn't want to go shallower than that.

Well, it's a balancing act, and where that balance lies depends on your aesthetics and the particular scene.

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