NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the humble "lower case" dp2

External look is subjective, and less important to serious users.

lets' focus on use:

-Bottom plate patterns suggest it could be magnesium alloy (or hard rubber?). That would be nice if you do rough terrain!

-2nd wheel allows much faster operation.  Big improvement

-Four way select wheel appears to be of better quality. It's better than having four individual buttons. It's location higher up on the back of camera aligns it better with where the thumb ends up being. Better ergonomics, easier on the thumb in the long run.

-The rubberized bulge of the four-way button is perfectly located for a good thumb grip (as in SD1), which would make single handed grip & operation possible.  Nice. Very Nice.

-Bigger battery, more shots, NO more cheap complaints from me.(I use 10 spares with my Merrills!)

-The Autofucus Assist Light is also a welcome addition.  Innovative of Sigma to locate it IN the lens assembly (and hence the bigger lens barrel: 58mm ø).

-The green focus confirmation light moved to the right of the EVF which would be easier to notice  as it's now on the "inner" side of your visual periphery while using the viewfinder.  Minor improvement.

-Depressed "play" button (which could turn on the camera, if held for seconds) is less likely to engage accidentally and drain battery.   Separating it from the column of buttons makes sense too as it's function is linked to LCD screen only.

It's peculiar and so 'confident' of Sigma to omit their Logo from BOTH the front & top of camera, No other manufacturer has done this one yet either!!  But I think sticking with the humble lower case  'dp2' is in tune with the nature of these "unassuming" humble BEASTS!!

Lets hope the improvements keep up under the hood! (and lets start saving! .. my guess it's real and will be over 2K)

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