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I even got two bites at the cherry...

Thanks for your comments. It's days later and I'm still in disbelief about this bird, especially in view of what 'Whynot' and Peter said.

When I first saw him he had just flown onto the top of the rock (see pic1 below), and I took a series of photos approaching obliquely, first below and to the right of the rock and then going round to the higher left side of the rock to get a really close up view from a little below (the first pic in my original post.)

Then I said 'thank you' and went back down to the beach to join my daughter. A few seconds later he took off and disappeared. I started looking at a larger bird of prey (?sea eagle?) well down the beach and then suddenly saw the kestrel hawking back over the beach. I've so far proven useless at BIFs with that camera/lens combination but I pointed the camera at him anyway and took several more. They're not good photos, but in the 100% detail you can see (what I couldn't at the time) the cicada in his left claw.

Next thing he's back on the rock, and allowing me to approach all over again. This time I chose a less close but higher vantage point on the cliff, where I could see what he had caught, and took a a whole lot more photos, including the second one in my original post. Then I left him to finish his meal (my daughter was getting pretty bored and I felt he had earned a bit of peace.)


Cicada in left claw

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