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Re: Do you shoot RAW, if so only one tablet can do it..

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I've gone several tablets as A Project Manager for a web & mobile app development team of 17 employees. The iPad is by far the tablet that team would choose for everyday use including for photo PP. In case you are wondering if there might be favoritism among my team members, only one person uses Mac (Macbook Pro) for work while the rest are using Windows or Unix laptops or desktops. Some despise Apple. Despite this, all choose Apple iOS devices especially during testing. The surface tablets are often the last ones on the table for the poor intern. I would not touch a windows tablet as it is struggling in the mobile sector and may be killed. Also, Lightroom is rumored to be coming to iOS devices soon as of 2 weeks ago. Personally, after trying all three platforms, iPad is my everyday personal use and I PP in raw format.

Are you sure you are working in RAW on an ipad? Most who think they are doing this are actually looking at the embedded jpeg that is taken with the RAW file. There are a couple of genuine RAW convertors available for the ipad, like piranha, but they are extremely slow.

What pp software are you using on the ipad? The native program is only working on the jpegs, which is fine for basic sorting but I wouldn't think you would be using it for serious pp.

I'd be interested in having Lightroom for ios though, if the ios device has enough power for the program.

You are right that it does not directly edit the RAW files but instead the JPEG. I primarily use iPhoto but have used a number of others like PhotoGene. Most of what I do is for reviewing photos, small edits and posting online (Shutterfly and/or Facebook).

Although the OP does not say it, but I get the impression he wants to make small edits and view photos, and backup his photos on his mobile device while on vacation/travel. But if he does want to do editing within the RAW file itself and save it, then that changes things a bit.

I'm anxious to see LR for iOS myself but balked when I read reports that they will integrate a $99/year deal for cloud storage. I don't need that part. Should be released soon, I would think. NOTE: they "accidentally?" posted the app on their website before taking it down a couple of weeks ago.

Yep, my wife has an ipad and I had looked longingly at it for travel processing, then found it wouldn't do what I wanted. Mel joined this thread however and advises re the latest version of Photogene. I was unaware of this version of theprogram and will look at it more closely (ref my reply to him)

My wife uses her ipad and it is great, when we travel. But she only works in jpeg. I made my contribution re RAW as this changes the world somewhat and it might, or might not, have been of relevance to the OP.

If the ios version of LR only can be used with "the cloud" it is useless to me (but not to others) as many of my trips are to remote places in Australiia where I am out of coverage.

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