MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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Kevin Sutton
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No, I'm usually struggling to get enough DoF

Superzoom2 wrote:

I'm thinking of buying my first ever MFT camera, an Olympus OM-D E-M10 with 14-42 EZ lens.

I've had lots of compacts and DSLR's, mostly Canon. Once in a while, you have these beautiful blurry background pics when the lens and aperture combination are right. I am a former pro photog, and understand fully camera optics and depth-of-field physics.

I just want to know if you sometimes miss the easily attainable shallow depth-of-field that you usually get with an APS-C or bigger sensor camera.

I know you can buy fast MFT lenses for more aperture control, but I'm probably going to just stick with a cheap 14-42 for various reasons.



This is a perennial question usually asked by people who have never used 35mm "FF".  Having come from a film background, I remember struggling to get sufficient DoF for portraits when using 85mm lenses back in the 70's-90's.  We used to have to stop down to f8 or more to make sure the models nose and ear lobes were in focus, if focusing on the eyes.  Medium format film, which was the "serious" format of that time (35mm FF was regarded as an amateur format then) had even greater DoF challenges.

A lot of new photographers seem to regard razor thin DoF as a holy grail and, for some subjects, it is a suitable way to portray the world but, in most cases, greater DoF is required in order to portray the world as we see it.

I find 4/3 a good format that allows me to use wider apertures (and hence higher shutter speeds/lower ISO's) to capture the DoF I need for portraits, weddings etc but still with "sufficient" quality. Most of the time I am trying to get sufficient DoF so use f5.6 or f8.  For mileage may vary...

Cheers KevinĀ 

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