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We're going to have to just disagree on Android being such an unstable, inefficient ball of gunk with inefficiency flaws regarding processing and battery consumption that have been passed out through the process from the core to the external shells and UI. The thing runs perfectly fine on a variety of tablets from dual to eight core, there are loads of custom firmware releases, loaders, shells, tweaks and so forth. Some are even pretty stable.

If a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 can run that huge 299ppi resolution display as bright as it does, with 8MP/2MP dual cameras, 1080 HD video, run an octa core CPU with 3GB RAM, up to 64GB internal RAM and a micro SDHC slot... All while sporting 10 hour runtime and benchmarks that handily keep it competitive (if not faster than) Apple's latest iPad, which I currently own. The reason I sold my Note 10.1 2014 was due to lack of proper screen rotation support in drawing apps and a better 4:3 aspect ratio of the Apple for drawing/editing. Otherwise, the Android is the superior machine in just about every way, spec-wise and performance wise.

I'm not sure if we're talking about the same camera. Engadget's review of the Galaxy NX said: 'Battery life is phenomenal. After deplorable performance with last year's Galaxy Camera, I was definitely concerned about the NX making it through a full day. In practice, however, I had nothing to worry about, as long as I charged the battery overnight. While shooting on Halloween, I spent the day exploring Shanghai, returning to the hotel nine hours later with a 32 percent charge remaining. When you factor in the Google Maps browsing, emailing, Instagram sharing, Foursquare check-ins, 128 photos and nearly three minutes of 1080p video I was able to capture along the way, that's solid performance. Of course, I'd expect nothing less from a 4,360mAh battery pack, but it's great to see that Samsung planned ahead here.'

Also, even Mashable (which wrongly criticized IQ, I thought) said battery life was 'Superb' and did not criticize performance or stability at all.

Given all that, I don't buy the idea that Android is faulty, laggy and horribly inefficient by nature. There are just too many other systems that run it with very heavy hardware demands.

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