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nfpotter wrote:

Phoebe1 wrote:

Yes, yes it does. The picture in the article you sent even shows my f indicator at the same setting. But I'm having a little difficulty deciphering if the little numbers and points on the graph are where they are supposed to be in relation to that 0.

And the indicator on the LCD screen does not appear to be representing the little green one in the view finder. But I think I just haven't figured out how to read it yet.

When I do I guess I'll know if I am underexposed, over exposed, or just right. But if I have this why does the teacher want me to do bracketing? Perhaps his instructions depend on which camera a student has and not all students have cameras with light meters in them. He did start out by saying a person could get away with doing this type of image capture with a small point and shoot, which I tried by the way and it did NOT work out well at ALL for this canvas.


Here's your problem, solved:

Set to M mode. Set Auto-ISO to off, ISO at 100 (or 200, if that's the lowest).

Set your lens to 55mm, f/8.

Make sure you're on a sturdy tripod, or similar, and set up your shot. Turn Exposure Delay Mode on (it's in a menu, and turn it off when you're done with your project).

Focus on your target, and then when you have good focus, switch auto-focus off on the lens.

Turn the command dial (which will be changing your shutter speed) until the meter in the viewfinder is exactly in the middle, and take a shot. This is your "middle" shot, for exposure.

Now, for every 3 clicks that you turn the command dial to the left, you'll be brightening your exposure by one stop. Same to the right, but it will darken it. Take as many as you want, each one stop apart, or if you want 2 stop gaps, turn 6 clicks instead of 3.

Be very sure to use a light touch and not moving the camera.

Making sense?

Oh boy, yes, I think so, I hope so. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, I'll try  I'll let you know how it goes.

I will be using the color patch card that came in my book though right?  So many people say I need it since the colors have been such a problem.  I am trying to avoid buying the x-rite Color Checker Passport because some people said I should be able to get the results I need without it.  Just to use the card I have.


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