NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: NEW DP QUATTRO is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's where this could make sense:

Sigma - with its slow write times and AF but excellent and detailed image quality/lenses - makes cameras (the DPM series) that are great for landscape photographers. Looking at this design, thinner, longer (so potentially more battery life), potentially weather-sealed, this could be a great camera for outdoors people. If the DPM series had been weathersealed, a bit faster, and had better battery life, I would have gotten one for exactly this reason. Certainly this design is non-traditional (sort of the opposite of the fuji movement, which - besides making great cameras - is bringing the 'make it a fashion accessory' element back to certain cameras), but potentially very interesting.

I'll wait to hear what's going on. Sigma's been at the top of their game for a while now, no need to write them off.


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