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Re: Inconveniences are many

kelpdiver wrote:

Netflix is terrible on the current movie selection.

It's certainly limited but I certainly wouldn't describe it as terrible. Me, my wife, daughter (17) and sons (13 and 8) have very different tastes but we can all find loads of decent material.

And where content is unavailable on Netflix it's usually due to a situation created by the movie publishers.

Heck, the local disk options (rental and purchase) are pretty darn limited too although I certainly admit that they do tend to cover the latest (popular) releases reasonably well.

But for $8, still great value, and unlike the dish/cable providers, you can cancel or add on a whim.

Yup. My "entertainment" budget is severely limited but the Netflix subscription is pretty much a no brainer, even for me.

Don't laugh but in the UK, you need a "TV license" just to watch the standard over-the-air TV broadcasts and that costs about twice my Netflix subscription

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