Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: the longevity is appealing. standards rapidly evolving...

malch wrote:

But as Sean has correctly pointed out many times in the past, either type of media needs to be validated from time to time. That's fast and easy with HDD's and amenable to automation. In contrast, validating 40 Blu-Rays is a HUGE PITA. And if you have 2/3 backup copies validating 80/120 disks is probably beyond that which any normal person is going to actually perform.

The greater the data set, the less viable it becomes for that reason.   Jim is a pack rat.   He has multiple 2tb units to worry about.  But all of the data I really need protected for the long term is in the ballpark of 300gb.   There is a lot of raw camera files I want saved in the shorter term (< 5years), but even that's less than 1tb.

To me, optical is a secondary backup....esp good for those who declined to do a proper remote backup.   It's also effectively a cheap snapshot method if your file system choice isn't capable (ie, ntfs.

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