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Re: Inconveniences are many

malch wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

To summarize in order of user experience:

  • box is hard to open
  • if rented, involves a trip outside the home
  • poor selection, especially current rental outlets
  • public library has old titles, but usually scratched up
  • region codes; some movies not available in my region
  • can't fast forward over FBI and Interpol warnings
  • interminable ads or "trailers" at the beginning
  • very slow menu selections
  • if purchased, boxes accumulate in the home
  • most movies have a recycled plot (so did Shakespeare!)

But Netflix eliminates most of those problems. And it only costs $8 for all you can eat in a month.

IMO, a Netflix subscription offers 10x the value of disk rentals, purchases, movie theaters, or cable subscriptions. Hence 2 million more subscribers last quarter.

Netflix is terrible on the current movie selection.   It's best value is in the older stuff, and perhaps best in the tv and cable series.   Didn't catch Breaking Bad or Idiot Abroad or X?  They have a pretty strong collection here.  Amazon prime definitely is second class (though almost a free add on to Prime). almost forces you to deal with a cable ISP and all the faults of this.   Some ADSL2 providers can deliver the 5-7mbs min you need for current Netflix HD, but you'll need 15+ for the future 4k.   Yet this is a terrible step down from the bluray standards which are typically upper 20s and can go to 40mbs.

The nature of the streaming and buffering also makes netflix inferior for quick backups or fast forwarding to a particular spot.  It is almost VCR like in comparison.

And while it's still a virtual threat, that recent court decision on net neutrality is a bit of a storm cloud, ilke the loss of Sony and Stars last year.  But for $8, still great value, and unlike the dish/cable providers, you can cancel or add on a whim.

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