EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: What difference does it make?

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It was subcontracted by Olympus to Panasonic, but it is Olympus' design. It has better high ISO than the E-M5 according to dpreview and others, it has better DR, slightly higher resolution, color and great AF. Competition does wonderful things. Maybe next time Olympus will contract out with Fuji or Toshiba for their sensors.

Maybe next time Oly will outsource the sensor to Fuji, Toshiba, or any other company, but this time it was a Panasonic, and for me it does make a difference.

Oly does not outsouce, because they do not design sensors - they buy sensor designed and manufactured by others.

Others design them to their specifications. Just like Nikon and Pentax do with Sony and Toshiba, so Olympus apparently does with Sony and Panasonic. I don't really care and I didn't like Panasonic technology for a long while, but at this point I don't see what the fuss is all about.

Olympus does not have much different specifications from what Panasonic camera division 'd want for itself (except in video department)... the only difference might be in what lays on top of sensor - Olympus probably wants their own CFA specs, their IR/UV cut filter specs and no AA filter... but for the sensor itself I bet both companies on the same page in terms of what is the size, readout parameters, noise parameters, etc, etc - so Panasonic just did the best and then probably approached Olympus with their price (including CFA laid out to accomodate PDAF) that was competetive vs Sony or may be Olympus like Nikon decided that it is good to have > 1 supplier in any case (for as long as both deliver comparable solutions).

Yes, that is true.  I'd like to see them source with Fuji for a sensor, but I know..dream on.

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