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Re: A few from the Backyard this week

19andrew47 wrote:

Your 5% crops are about as sharp as my full frame shots (have to be careful, full sensor)! Hope you are a long way from the fires!


Thanks for your comments Andrew.
As a bird shooter almost everything is cropped, and sometimes cropped in so close that regardless of how still you kept the camera, how fast the shutter, how efficient the sensor and how perfect the lighting , , , I end up hitting the Delete key when I view it in PP. 
The fires . . . I had no idea the international media was running stories on them.
Thankfully here in Sydney we have had a mild summer so far (high 90's and a few 100 deg days).
We had our devastating fires to our west in early spring - hundreds of homes destroyed. Thankfully at the moment all clear for us
In the past few weeks though in the southern states of Victoria and South Australia they have had record heatwave runs of 5 and 6 days above 110 degrees, including the city of Melbourne (see Dharma's post), and they have been on high alert with major fires and emergency evacuations over the past few days.  Dennis (Denjw) in his home town of Orbost is right in the middle of it. So far it seems that little property has been lost and they have had a cool change in the weather yesterday.


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