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Re: the longevity is appealing. standards rapidly evolving...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

So, from my perspective, it seems like it's a lot simpler to store larger amounts of data on a physical hard disk drive instead (so I can plug in a single drive with 2TB or more data on it, versus trying to go through 40+ Blu-Ray discs to get to the same data). Sure, labeling can help out. But, the same thing applies to physical hard disk storage (and the physical hard drives also take up less space for the same amount of data storage).

The issue then becomes longevity, and I'll admit that some of the optical formats look attractive in that area. But, personally, I'm just not going to take the time and trouble to use that kind of storage, given the time and number of discs needed to archive content; as it's a whole lot easier to save data to a single larger hard disk drive, and move the same data to a newer and larger drive a few years down the road.

But as Sean has correctly pointed out many times in the past, either type of media needs to be validated from time to time. That's fast and easy with HDD's and amenable to automation. In contrast, validating 40 Blu-Rays is a HUGE PITA. And if you have 2/3 backup copies validating 80/120 disks is probably beyond that which any normal person is going to actually perform.

Therefore, on that basis alone, optical disks simply aren't up to the task since an essential element of a solid backup plan (periodic validation) is basically impractical.

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