Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Inconveniences are many

CAcreeks wrote:

To summarize in order of user experience:

  • box is hard to open
  • if rented, involves a trip outside the home
  • poor selection, especially current rental outlets
  • public library has old titles, but usually scratched up
  • region codes; some movies not available in my region
  • can't fast forward over FBI and Interpol warnings
  • interminable ads or "trailers" at the beginning
  • very slow menu selections
  • if purchased, boxes accumulate in the home
  • most movies have a recycled plot (so did Shakespeare!)

But Netflix eliminates most of those problems. And it only costs $8 for all you can eat in a month.

IMO, a Netflix subscription offers 10x the value of disk rentals, purchases, movie theaters, or cable subscriptions. Hence 2 million more subscribers last quarter.

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