Dumbest Question You Probably Will Be Asked All Day- Flash Control

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Re: Next Question(s) - APERTURE / "3 clicks from smallest number"

Phoebe1 wrote:

Now that the flash "problem" is taken care of, here are another couple of questions:

Instructions I have for capturing this image state "three clicks from the smallest f-number".

I finally discovered that the COMMAND dial does indeed do something after all. But need a little more instruction, better than than the guide book I have. Since the instruction from the teacher states from the smallest number, I turned the APERTURE COMMAND dial all the way to the left as far as it would go and counted three clicks up. Ahhh, noo. Then I turned the dial all the way to the opposite direction and three clicks back. Ahhh, noo.

So what could he mean by 3 clicks from the SMALLEST number?

The teacher says 100 mm or higher is the ideal LENS ANGLE for this project but don't go below 50mm. I only have the lens that came with the camera and the largest number on it is 55. He is referring to the numbers on the lens itself correct? If so, I guess I will have to set it to 55 and hope for the best. I don't understand why he calls it lens angle if these are indeed the numbers he means. I think the book says these are FOCAL LENGTH numbers. Are the terms interchangeable? I thought at first he was referring to the angle I hold the camera lens?

As for the WHITE BALANCE, the teacher says not to worry about it because I am shooting RAW. Sounds great but what should I then have as a default? setting for the WHITE BALANCE because there is no OFF selection that I see. If the camera knows not to worry about the WB because I am in the RAW mode then should I leave the setting on auto? I was reading about the other ways to set up WB and the PRE sounds interesting. But I suppose that wouldn't matter either since I am shooting in RAW.

Lastly, for the moment anyway, is SHUTTER SPEED. I am supposed to use this to adjust exposure so that BRACKETING can be done. What is the best way to handle this procedure? I don't see BRACKETING guidelines in my field guide book index.

Thank you and I look forward to the assistance as always,


Someone is giving you FAR too specific advice, and it's not going to help you learn photography.  Unless it's a set of requirements for said project.

Yes, if you're shooting RAW, you should leave WB in Auto, and change it later in PP if needed.  UNLESS you want to set it properly in the field.  Never hurts.

By "3 clicks", they probably meant one full stop smaller aperture than that lens' widest, at the given focal length.  Also, "focal length" and "lens angle" ARE referring to the same thing, FYI.

What camera are you using?  What bracketing is required?

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