Surprise: Olympus E-M1 uses a Panasonic sensor!

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Re: the answer should be obvious ...

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I also criticised the sensor in the E-M1. And my whole point is that the E-M1 has little in terms of IQ over the 1.5 year old E-M5 and a bunch of other M43 cameras, but it is a great camera due to all the other (non-IQ related) features.

It actually has improved in several small ways over the EM5 so there is nothing to complain about in my opinion. After all, we've come to near perfection in the m4/3 lineup for image quality. Some APS cameras can no longer keep up and I believe I am getting cleaner results with my GM1 than I did with the D700 back about 4 years ...

All in all, there is very little room to improve at this sensor size, although I will be pleasantly surprised if there is some kind of major breakthrough on low light or DR at some point ...

It is reasonable to think that if it had a newer sensor from Sony (who provided the sensor in the old E-M5), then there should be some real IQ improvement.

No, actually it is not reasonable at all. Meaning that there is some kind of assumption that Sony has more magic up their sleeves ... but do note that Nikon used those sensors exclusively some years ago and led the pack easily. Nowadays I believe that they do the tweaking and I'm not even sure they use Sony any more in the serious hardware ... sensor technology has basically reached parity.

Again, I do hope we see a breakthrough one day soon again, but that is not guaranteed to come from Sony by any stretch ... look at their recent financial woes ... it's tough all over.

Now, somehow you were able to detect bias in that? Just because the boring (in a IQ sense) sensor in E-M1 is said to be made by Panasonic?

You yourself just showed me a ton of bias. Your entire line of reasoning leads to one obvious bias -- that had Olympus chosen Sony again they would have built a better camera.

To which I call BS ... the GM1 has a better sensor than all of the others for extreme high ISO ... but it gives a bit of DR up ... I am very willing to make that trade. The EM1 took a sensor that beats all of them overall, even though the difference these days is literally trivial ... so the whinging makes no sense.

I will be extremely happy if a sensor made by Panasonic provided a clear improvement in IQ in the E-M1.

It did ... look at the DXOMark results. Shot well, you get a bit more DR etc ... but there was very little room to grow in that area so they chose to work on AF and build and things that really matter to people who are not slaves to myths about IQ and Sony sensors.

After all this time, it is a disappointment, the only disappointment for this flagship camera, that it has nothing like that for those who care about IQ.

You mean those who obsess about great leaps in IQ without understanding why that is not gonna happen until we get a real breakthrough somewhere.

It is a disappointment whether that sensor is made by Sony, Panasonic or whoever.

But you and the other person mentioned Panny as being the disappointment, although you were more subtle and seemed to quote the corollary instead.

Any who defends this is just those Panasonic fanboys and biased themselves.

You haven't made a valid point or criticism yet, so I honestly don't understand what you are saying here.

There are many of those fanboys and they cannot take anything that to them is a criticism of their brand. I tend to just crticise any brand and I am used to this kind of childish reaction.

Clearly, since you seem to be having one.

I criticised Sony for their NEX concept and said it was a wrong concept, I criticised Olympus for the 17mm f/1.8 and its lens hood/firmware policies, I am sorry I also criticised the untouchable Panasonic too. So, where is the bias?

Let me refresh your memory from earlier in this post you made ...

It is reasonable to think that if it had a newer sensor from Sony (who provided the sensor in the old E-M5), then there should be some real IQ improvement.

In the assumption that Sony would have saved the camera ... right there. That is bias. Or naivete. Or lack of critical thinking. Or whatever. All related ...

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