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Re: the longevity is appealing. standards rapidly evolving...

kelpdiver wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

The Longevity is appealing.

But, with the huge number of standards and disc types, I'd be worried about players able to read that content years down the road (not only the hardware needed to read them, but drivers for the newer Operating Systems).

This is an absolute non issue.

How long ago did CDs come out? Note how the blu-ray player plays them. The 5" optical disk formats have succeeded because of this backward compatibility while the data density increased. The LD was a temporary solution to low density of its time, too unwieldy to survive once DVDs could do it better.

The very cheap cost of manufacturing a DVD reader now ensures it's long term availability, just as you can still get a 3.5" floppy reader.

Long before it's difficult to read,, you'll know and be able to make other arrangements. But I can't see that less than 30 years away.

We'll have to wait and see, and I have several different varieties of both 3.5" and 5.25" floppies, and I doubt I could read most of the disks I have today without "jumping through quite a few hoops", due to capacity and format differences between them.

Ditto for some of the tape formats that I thought were going to be around for a while.

Even if the optical disks stay readable over time, the difficulty in managing that many disks is still very difficult comparing to using larger storage devices.

Heck, even with 50GB Blu-Ray discs, I'd need to worry about burning around 40 of them just to store as much as I can store on a 2TB Physical hard disk drive.

So, from my perspective, it seems like it's a lot simpler to store larger amounts of data on a physical hard disk drive instead (so I can plug in a single drive with 2TB or more data on it, versus trying to go through 40+ Blu-Ray discs to get to the same data).   Sure, labeling can help out.  But, the same thing applies to physical hard disk storage (and the physical hard drives also take up less space for the same amount of data storage).

The issue then becomes longevity, and I'll admit that some of the optical formats look attractive in that area.  But, personally, I'm just not going to take the time and trouble to use that kind of storage, given the time and number of discs needed to archive content; as it's a whole lot easier to save data to a single larger hard disk drive, and move the same data to a newer and larger drive a few years down the road.

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