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tecnoworld wrote:

Agreed on everything.

P.s. how many pics did you shoot? 1500+ ?

All raws, around 590 on the first card (16GB) and then some on the other card (~150), so ~740.  I'm not sure that the number of shots was so much of a factor here though as just having the screen and sensor running the whole time while the subjects got oriented and all that.  Well, it was a father daughter dance, so we setup a little tea scene, so they would come in and have a seat and then we would have the father pretend to pour the tea for the daughter as she held the cup, and then get another where they're clinking the cup together with their heads close looking to the camera.  Sometimes we would need to repose some more if the daughter was shorter (even kindergarten goes to the dance) so that teacups were out of the way of their faces.  We also matched the teacups to the dress colors as best we could, which was mostly pretty easy as pink is such a popular color for this ^_^.  I think I averaged around 4 shots a pair, 2 shots for each pose just in case I'm missing something, and then an extra 1 or 2 for everyone together if there was more than one daughter with the father.  Sometimes less if they were good models and I knew I had the shot, and sometimes a few more if they were doing something cute.  Took around 2 and a half hours of camera on time.  If I'm out shooting myself while I walk or that, then I don't have the camera on so much and probably use two batteries for a 4 or 5 hour jaunt.  I think that shooting more frequently would have yielded more shots with the same batteries.  The second two batteries are not the Samsung branded ones (Wasabi Power), they are slightly higher capacity (1200 mAh vs. 1130 mAh).  None of them are new by now though, but they don't feel very different than when new yet.

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