Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Re: Suggestions on a tablet for pp? a few q's...

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Hi! I'm looking at getting my first tablet, and I've never had a smart phone, so: please bear with me if these are dumb questions ;).

I'm posting here because I'm hoping to get one that 'plays well' with my NEX5R, if there's one that's easier to work with for a newbie? I'd like to be able to use it for post-processing, and maybe for remote viewing/control - (is that an option?) We'd use it on trips, for backing up and viewing photos, so does that mean I should go with one that has a memory card slot?

Do people prefer Android, Apple or Windows in cases like this? which has the best tablet apps for pp?

Tablets with Wacom styluses are intriguing, but how much better are they for writing and pp than capacitive styluses?

Our main computer runs Windows, if that means anything. Budget is up to about 500. Thanks for any help you can give to get me off the fence!

It's a no brainer as far as i am concerned, get an iPad Air, best user experience, great screen, great selection of software. Only problem is that once you view your photos on the iPad Air, you'll most likely want to get a better computer monitor.


Since the poster uses Windows on his main computer. A Surface, ACER or Asos or others may be a better choice. There are a number of laptops/tablets with equal or better screens than iPad Air as far as definition is concerned.

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Sorry, but it makes little difference if he has a Windows machine or a Mac, the iPad Air is the best tablet.

and many more knowledgeable reviewers say the same.


Bahahaha! Yeah ok mate

So these reviews focus around using theae tablets as a post production tool for photographers or just 'which is the best tablet for mum and dad'?

Everything to do with photo editing on an iPad is a work around, a kludge. Yeah it can kind of sort of do some stuff, if you harrass it hard enough, but it doesnt't evwn come close to what you can do on a Windows tablet.

Even you admitted yourself, the iPad doesn't do what a Macbook Air can do... Well guess what, Windows tablets like the Surface Pro are just like MBA's but in a different, tablet shaped form factor.

"Windows tablets like the Surface Pro are just like MBA's but in a different, tablet shaped form factor."

This is a joke, right? Read this article from Microsoft's latest filing with the Securities Exchange Commission. The Surface got CEO Steve Ballmer fired and replaced (he wanted to leave in August but the board replaced him last week). How long do you think the new CEO is going to keep that money-loser in the lineup.

There's a reason why Surface sales are so lousy. It's so bad that Microsoft could not give it away to its Fortune 1000 customers - which it preferred to do rather than take a $900 million write down.

I pay close attention to the finances of any company in whose product I invest significant (>$500) money. But that's me.

This is a joke right?

1) Windows is still the most popular operating system in the world and still has the most applications available for it bar none.

2) Surface is a side venture for Microsoft, to sell more Windows and Office - They are still making money hand over fist.

3) The Surface PRO is not the Surface. The original Surface failed to gain traction mostly because it wasn't a SP. The SP did quite well actually.

4) The Surface 2 is actually doing very well according to all new numbers - You are hokding on to info that is over 6 months old on a first gen product and calling it gospel.

5) The original iPad was called a joke by just about every tech writer and blogger on the planet, funny how fortunes can change. In fact the negative reaction to the iPad made Steve Jobs very very upset and unsettled.

6) It doesn't matter whether you buy a Dell or whatever, guess what? Lots of manufacturers make Windows tablets you are buying into an ecosystem, not a manufacturer and that ecosystem is not locked down like Apple's is. Besides if you buy LR, which is what we are talking about, even if Windows was to fall over and stop being made (see point 1), then you can simply use your investment on a Mac as your next purchase (your current tablet will still continue to function believe it or not).

7) Since when does a popularity contest about a consumer device designed for contwnt consumption automatically mean they are the best device for advanced niche tasks? Just because the iPad fares well in the tablet market does not mean it is the best device for the OP - This is akin to telling every E-Mount person on here to buy a Rebel because they consistently outsell NEX cameras, which we all know is a RIDICULOUS reason to buy a Rebel.

8) This is a relatively niche requirement for tablet users, which in any catagory usually requires a relatively niche product to perform the bestvin that catagory - It's the old 'jack of all trades, master of none'. Windows (and Mac) machines are workhorses for getting work done. Tablets appeal to so many because they are not those things, they are for down time and entertainment. Yes you can make them do other things but in the end they do a half job, because they aren't designed to do that in the first place.

10) There is not ONE thing that an iPad can do in image post production that my Samsung XE700T (like Surface PRO) can't do, but there is HEAPS the iPad can't do that my Samsung / SP can. No amount of LR mobile will ever change that.

11) My Samsung cost me $599 brand new with keyboard dock. The iPad is more expensive and doesn't even come close to the computing capabilities of this cheaper device.

I should note I have owned 3 iPads (still do currently) 4 Android tablets (none now - absokutely useless devices) and multiple Windows tablets stretching far back before tge iPad was on the market. If I want the best device for surfing and general use I grab the iPad, if I want something for serious work on the go I grab the Samsung and if I want some serious work at work or at home I grab my MBP and rMBP.

Right tool for the right job. iPad in this OPs case is not the right tool.

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