Planned vs Opportunistic Photography - which do you do?

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Planned vs Opportunistic Photography - which do you do?

I was thinking I'm very much an opportunistic photographer - I mostly carry my camera around with me and actively look for interesting subjects. And I make sure I have my camera with me on special occasions and when going to events or places that are likely to have great photo opportunities.

But I vary rarely would go out primarily to take photos (eg birding), photograph sports and other events. The photography for me is incidental.

Obviously the pro photographers here would predominantly fall into the 'Planned' category, eg covering a wedding or doing an indoor studio shoots.

Obviously the type of photographer you are massively influences the equipment you need.  In my case, the V1 is ideal and I've pretty much settled on the 18.5mm (especially for nighttime events) plus the 30 to 110mm lens most the time.  I'd like to have the wide angle zoom too...

Judging by the quality of some of the photo's posted here, many take the photography hobby far more seriously than me.  But you're not going to carry a big telephone and adaptor around if you are just an opportunistic photographer like me...

So please answer the poll below and add you comments...

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Almost completely opportunistic
17.6% 3  votes
Mostly opportunistic
41.2% 7  votes
About the same
23.5% 4  votes
Mostly planned
11.8% 2  votes
Almost completely planned
5.9% 1  vote
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