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pixelpushing wrote:

Wow, war of the walls of text! My eyes are bleeding.

If Samsung is closer to a truly optimized OS with appropriate UI with Tizen, then fine, I just want something that's intuitive and fast. I do not prefer their current shell to the earlier, more straightforward NX100 and 200 menu system, though. It's also not terribly responsive, considering the touch to shoot requirements.

Care to elaborate on the touch to shoot requirements, I'm not sure I know what you mean.

As we have noted, when you attach any bare OS to any device without regard to optimization for its hardware, you will get crappy performance and efficiency. This leads me to believe a properly tweaked Android shell would run just fine on an NX, without breaking compatibility with at least a substantial number of apps. You certainly aren't running any Linux apps on the current NX edition of Tizen, right?

In theory I probably could, I feel it's more that developers aren't interested in doing so than that Samsung has locked out development.  That is, part of the source is probably binary, maybe proprietary algorithms for face detection or something, things like that, even so, I don't think any developer that would know has even taken a serious look at what has been released.  What I was suggesting though is that Samsung could add the capability to run the Android apps, this isn't easy of course, but you could also do core sharing, or even have the camera be a dual boot device ^_^.  Thinking about it more, that may be the best way to go, because it would only cost you in storage space only and take basically no extra development to start off (since they were already maintaining Tizen and Android code, though having to maintain both long term might be obnoxious).

So at best you're in the same boat. And again, I point back to the whole 'we're giving out the source' nonsense that absolutely nothing came out of. What's the point of all that if people can't do hacks and custom fw or even compile apps for the thing? None.

The point is kind of that they used a number of open source pieces in the camera itself (look at the licenses), so they're required by law to release what they did.

I'm sure this might all be academic since Samsung has no doubt made their minds up as to which direction to go with future models, but I'd say there's still an opportunity to incorporate something like Android. Apps, flexibility, end user customization, firmware hacks, etc. This is stuff that could very well put Samsung NX cameras on the map, media-wise. They'd be smart to model their line behind the idea that 'hey, I use this on my phone and tablet, my camera will work seamlessly with them' and such. People may also see it as an evolution.

Yep, completely academic, but I think they gave that a try with Galaxy NX already, and we see how that went.

Yes, a camera has 'one job to do'. Kind of. That means the shell needs to have a streamlined appearance when you're using the camera for taking photos and video. BUT there's no reason it couldn't do more, just like a phone does far more now than it used to, and without sacrificing the efficiency or performance of the camera.

I don't think you actually can do it without compromise though.  Phones have sacrificed a lot on the power front, and also on reliability.

Anyways, my point is that Android is not necessarily the weak link in battery efficiency or speed vs. Linux or anything else. It just depends on how it's applied. Also, phones and tablets need very thin, light batteries that drive great big bright screens in excess of 4-5" for a phone and 10"+ for a tablet! Not to mention cameras, WiFi and BT, cell radios, etc.

Android is definitely a weak link, just how weak is arguable.  It has to do in part with how high level the whole thing runs.  It runs on top of a Java stack and in essence any inefficiency in that stack gets passed up the line to each program further up.  Being mirrorless we already have the screens going, and they are a major area of power use, besides having to have the sensor on the whole time.  Basically though, it's mostly going to be a Java vs. C or C++ slugfest if we keep talking about this.  And yeah, if the camera runs android, people expect it to have the cell radios and BT as well, and even to make phone calls (a number of people were upset the Galaxy NX didn't).

I'm not happy with where the battery life of the NX300 is already, and I have 3 batteries for it.  Just last Friday I shot the Father/Daughter Dance for my old elementary school.  I was on the third battery and afraid it was going to run dry by the time we finished (was charging the first one, so I could get some more time from it, but it hadn't fully charged yet, and I did have a spare camera, SX10IS with lots of spare AAs).  I don't harp on the battery life because rotating 3 batteries works for me most of the time, but if I'm going to shoot more events I'll probably pick up another 3 batteries before doing so.

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