EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: Panasonic could be just subcontractor

brycesteiner wrote:

I think they are just trying to be innovative...and, remember, they do NOT have any four thirds lenses to support, so there is no reason for them to HAVE to put PDAF in their cameras if they can find an alternative method of improving focus tracking abilities and overall focusing speed.

What do you mean? Panasonic put out lenses for the fourthirds system:


Are you trying to say they used a different focusing system than Olympus? I'm sure Panasonic supported their fourthirds lenses.

My bad, yes they still have three lenses in their four thirds lineup, but all of these also have M43 alternatives.  However, Olympus has sixteen lenses, nine of which cover focal lengths/apertures/focal ranges that are not available in M43.   It makes much more sense for Oly to go to greater lengths to support their 4/3s customers as a result.


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