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Re: Inconveniences are many

CAcreeks wrote:

To summarize in order of user experience:

  • box is hard to open


  • if rented, involves a trip outside the home

not quite so far a reach, but with redfin in my grocery store, it's a non issue to me.

  • poor selection, especially current rental outlets

past tense issue, really.   And you can fall back to dvds if necessary, which you couldn't do in the early dvd era.

  • public library has old titles, but usually scratched up

Bluray is stronger in this regard than dvds.

  • region codes; some movies not available in my region

Malch talks about region codes too, but that was really a DVD issue, not blu-ray. "Some current estimates suggest 70% of available [movie] Blu-ray Discs from the major studios are region-code-free and can therefore be played on any Blu-ray Disc player, in any region."  (wiki)   They also reduced the defined regions to 3 from 6.   It caused more problems than it solved, and they reacted accordingly.

  • can't fast forward over FBI and Interpol warnings
  • interminable ads or "trailers" at the beginning

I'll agree that both of these are an annoying trend.   This started with DVDs, but either through better protocols to force it, or (I suspect) studio's greater willingness to do it, we often can't skip them as readily.  However, it's unusual for trailers to be forced on you.

  • very slow menu selections

You don't have a player, so I'm not sure your basis for this one.   The early generation players were very slow to start up.    They were loading a linux OS on low powered hardware.   My HD-DVD player would take 40 seconds to just start playing.   Many disks then load a java environment.  However, my PS3 was fast from the get-go, since it had an 8 core cpu for gaming.

  • if purchased, boxes accumulate in the home

Again, a silly complaint.  CDs, DVDs had this "problem", however each at substantially better than VCR tapes.

  • most movies have a recycled plot (so did Shakespeare!)

totally irrelevant to the Blu-ray format and this discussion.

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I'm struggling to see how any of this qualifies as 'greatly inconvenient', esp if Malch finds Netflix limitations to be perfectly acceptable.   (Esp see: poor selection)

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