EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks


I can sense you obviously made the step into video and you are having much fun in doing so. I think it is not many traditional photographers that manage this step. I tried several times and never really got hooked......

Possibly in the future a winning concept could be a less complex video functionality but with top video out put quality. For example Panny will continue to offer those more serious with absolute top video quality and functionality and Olympus could fill a less complex video functionality but with top top output quality......a few options came to mind.....:-

- Full Manual control during recording

- Class leading IS during recording

- 24/30/60/25/50 all progressive with a choice of 18, 24, 75, 80MBits/s cabability

- Different formats plus edit friendly formats

- Unique filters and art filters to help make the output interesting

- Like I said - focus on output quality and not No of functions to configure.....

- Basic in camera editing

I do think video will become part of stills photographers output and us older guys avoiding video will only benefit from mastering the basics. Media like iPad and other has so many options today to mix and present the different formats.....

Finally I agree with you on the fact that Olympus has the history of camera building and yes its in their DNA.......similar I think of Panasonic as having video in their DNA......

Finally all said I do keep a Panny body in my "collection" and I do enjoy using it for stills......

I wish the 7 - 14 were not so expensive.......:-((


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I love equipment..........and photography....

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