Surprise: Olympus E-M1 uses a Panasonic sensor!

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Re: the answer should be obvious ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Alexis D wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Alexis D wrote:

So, that's why the E-M1 is so un-interesting in terms of IQ, even without an AA filter. It is a great camera, but only because of all the other features, not IQ.

Sigh ... if you want an objective measure of the EM5 against the EM1 and, say, the GX7 as the latest Panny high end sensor, then check out DXOMark ...

What you will find is that in every category, they are all tied, or the EM1 leads. But the overall difference, as has been true for a long time in m4/3, is marginal. The EM1 leads by .3 to .4 stops, which is basically trivial ...

Whatever it is you base your "IQ" comments on, I suspect that they are rather long on bias and short on critical analysis ...

On what do you base your suspicion on? DXO scores?

The answer here should have been obvious by my wording, but we'll clearly require a sledge hammer to break through that smug bias ...

I am the last person to sit there and whinge over DXOMark scores ... I have always used the cameras with lower DXO scores and didn't care a whit ... because a photographer who cannot get an excellent image from any modern camera is just plain lacking skills.

On the other hand, DXOMark scores do show the potential of the sensor. And here we are talking about no loss of potential for the EM1 ... but rather a tie pretty much across the board with any (very slim) advantages going to the EM1 itself.

My IQ comments are based on well published material.

I love this kind of writing. Is "well published" a euphemism for something like "published?"

You know, where they actually managed to not, not publish it?

Read some reviews and know that the E-M1 is not better than the E-M5, which is about the same as the E-PM2, E-PL5, E-P5, and GX7.

Which is exactly what I said. Which was in fact my whole point.

I also criticised the sensor in the E-M1.  And my whole point is that the E-M1 has little in terms of IQ over the 1.5 year old E-M5 and a bunch of other M43 cameras, but it is a great camera due to all the other (non-IQ related) features. It is reasonable to think that if it had a newer sensor from Sony (who provided the sensor in the old E-M5), then there should be some real IQ improvement. Now, somehow you were able to detect bias in that? Just because the boring (in a IQ sense) sensor in E-M1 is said to be made by Panasonic?

I will be extremely happy if a sensor made by Panasonic provided a clear improvement in IQ in the E-M1. After all this time, it is a disappointment, the only disappointment for this flagship camera, that it has nothing like that for those who care about IQ. It is a disappointment whether that sensor is made by Sony, Panasonic or whoever. Any who defends this is just those Panasonic fanboys and biased themselves. There are many of those fanboys and they cannot take anything that to them is a criticism of their brand. I tend to just crticise any brand and I am used to this kind of childish reaction. I criticised Sony for their NEX concept and said it was a wrong concept, I criticised Olympus for the 17mm f/1.8 and its lens hood/firmware policies, I am sorry I also criticised the untouchable Panasonic too. So, where is the bias?

Biased people (you know who you are) buy what you think is the best based on preformed conceptions of what matters ... to you, the Sony sensor is what allowed the EM5 to be so "great" and thus the use of a Panny sensor means that this "greatness" is somehow missing, despite the fact that the measured responses certainly show that the Panny sensor is better than the previous Sony sensor ...

On the other hand, I have examined dozens and dozens of images from the top m4/3 cameras and have processed many raw images and published the comparisons on my blog.

People who do what I do and have no sensor based biases end up concluding that there is little reason to buy one brand over the other based solely on IQ. But instead that one should buy based on the features one needs or desires and the budget to which one is limited.

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