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pixelpushing wrote:

But overpriced? I don't think that's a safe assumption. I bought my NX300 for $450 and 30mm on the used market for well under $200. I've never seen the 300 retail for more than $599 in brick and mortars like Best Buy,

Nah, it was retailing for 750 at Best Buy just a few months ago (even on Black Friday it didn't drop, I was looking for my camera at that time), and I think he is referring to "list price" rather than what the market price will end up being.

At my Best Buy, the price has been $449 and $499 and $599 (the most I've seen it for in the store), the further back you go. It was not $750 in December in the BB stores or on Black Friday.

It was where I live, I wonder if the online store filters you by IP.  If it was that cheap here in Port Huron I would have just bought it at the store instead of ordering mine.  I was there (in the store) pretty much every other week.

Costco also has the NX2000 with kit lens and 55-200mm for $550 and has since December.

That's funny considering that I didn't know NX had a 55-200mm lens. 

Even now it is currently listed at 650 by Best Buy and higher by some online stores like Dell ($750).

The white and brown 18-55mm NX300 kits are currently $548.99 at BB. Black is $575.99. The only one currently at $640 is the white 20-50, for whatever reason. The 20-50 black kits are currently $537.99.

The various color prices fluctuate, but it has been much cheaper than that over the past few months. Amazon has 20-50 NX300 kits for $499-575 depending on lens and color.

They certainly do, I guess I looked at the black one because when I was looking to buy, it was just the white one being priced over the other two.

Newegg is at $599. I'm not trying to say the NX300 is overpriced though, it's not, but the original list price would have been a little bit steep in my opinion.

Nope, I was talking kits. I find most launch MSRPs to be a bit steep. That's why I usually wait, like with this.

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