Canon doesn't really care anymore...

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Re: Canon doesn't really care anymore... three points....

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I don't know for sure, but I suspect mobile phones, compacts, and even mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras will not affect dSLRs, in the short term anyway.

In the long term, if there was some type of miraculous breakthrough in technology, then the phone/compact/mirrorless may affect dSLR sales.

For now, the dSLR is safe...

Doubt it, I think Nikon and Canon have made a huge mistake in not keeping the 7D /D300 series up to technology, trying too hard to push FF alone.

OMD and Fuji have already made inroads and will continue to do so.

I think that the Top end APS-C market is small, especially with bottom end FF competing in the same price range. The mirrorless cameras compete in a different market,

And the bottom end FF compete in a different market from the top end APS-C.

Yes and no. Markets are not completely separated. In the end, they consist of a whole load of different people seeking for different things. If someone looking to spend around $2k on a camera have one choice they will buy that, if they have several, some will choose differently. So, it's not the case that all 7D buyers bought it for its action capability. Some who would previously have bought it would undoubtedly consider the 6D, in fact you get quite a few threads here asking exactly that question. Then again, some who would have nought a 7D will consider that a 70D does the job, with its 7FPS and the 19 point AF, which reduces the market again.

I want the best camera for my application and do not consider price range.

But you are not a market, you are one person and there is no law that says camera manufacturers have to make a camera to your personal specification.

and in any case don't offer so much that cameras like the 70D and D7100 don't. The frame rate with functioning VF and AF isn't much, if at all faster, and what use is an action camera without functioning VF?

The bottom end FF frame rate is low and FF inferior. Not much use as an action camera.

The 70D has a higher frame rate. FF is inferior to what? Like the 1D X is inferior?

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