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From photorumors:

'Samsung NX1 will be announced in autumn (Photokina) with a 28MP APS-C sensor and 4k video recording capabilities. The camera will be weather sealed and will run on the Android OS.'

I hope they are wrong about android as an os.

I'd much prefer Android over what the NX300 has. In fact, I'd prefer almost anything over that.

Well I have the NX300, and a Galaxy NX. The 300, as everyone knows has a Tizen OS, while the Galaxy NX has the Android OS. The NX300's OS is head and shoulders above the Android system, IMO. Tha Android is too slow to start, is to power hungry.

That's not necessarily an Android issue, though - they probably didn't optimize the OS for the more demanding camera hardware. My girlfriend's Google Nexus 7 (2014) is blazing fast. Her S3 and my S4 are fast. These products can go hours and hours streaming video and taking photos...I don't see why we couldn't have at least a quad core CPU with 1GB RAM on an NX. Even three year old cell phones have that.

What about a scaled down Android shell or UX like they did with Tizen? I doubt the NX300 would run as smoothly or as long with a completely un-tweaked distro of full Linux...

Despit the Galaxy NX having a lrger battery, it has a much reduced shooting life, when compared to the NX300.

Yet we can drive a big media tablet like a Galaxy Note 10.1 or an always-on juice-sucker like a cell phone. Both of which have cameras, too (albeit without the bigger, higher MP sensors).

With all uneccessary items disabled in the NX300, and juducious use on the on/off control, I can get a full day's shooting and hudreds of pics out of the 300. Using the Galaxy NX with its larger battery, turniing off every uneccassary thing in the camera, i.e. using it only ti take photo's, I can only get around 4 hours of use before it warns me of having a low battery. No, I would take the 300 over a Galaxy NX any day. I also prefer the style, abd size of the NX300. Of course, this is my preference, and I'm listing MY dislikes, but YMMV.

Again, I don't think the Android core is the primary fault, here. The OS powers loads of very battery hungry devices out there and competes well with iOS and Windows.

It seems to me they just need to engineer the proper 'distro' or shell to run that manages what functions are used by what hardware and when. My suspicion with the NX is that they just took the basic camera hardware and slapped Android on it with minimal cost spent to develop it with battery life in mind. Better processor and some serious UX optimization might work wonders.

Pretty much. It's not a huge issue whether they go Android or Tizen, but whatever one they go with could use the right tweaking. Tizen can run Android applications if you layer some more stuff on top and Android can be pared down. Unlike some here have implied, they are BOTH open source OSs. The difference is mainly in who is managing and contributing to each project more. That is, Android is Google's baby and while you can make any change you want, that doesn't mean Google will include the change in their version, and so as you branch out you may break compatibility with tons of applications out there. Tizen is contributed to heavily by Intel and Samsung, but it's really the baby of the Linux Foundation and has a history with code going back to Meego and beyond back to some Nokia phones even. So, what does this mean for us... The best compromise might actually be to go Tizen and work to make the Android apps run on there, perhaps with a compatibility layer. This could be loaded in a special camera mode instead of being always active and could stay out of the way of shooting and boot times, etc.. That's just my design perspective though, I have no idea where Samsung wants to go. Unlike some on here, I don't consider my any phone on the market a good device for converting raws. Converting raws takes long enough on a serious desktop, maybe a one off on the phone is neat, but I couldn't see that ever being my normal workflow. My opinion is that once the camera is good at being a camera, then we'll worry about bells and whistles like putting Angry Birds on it ^_^. That is, without taking steps backwards, the NX300 is in a pretty good state with regard to the camera OS, if it were to run Android instead without being slower, then I wouldn't object. If running Android means having the camera boot slower, lower FPS, more shutter lag, more time to change settings, then forget it. Carriers aren't feeling a push for Tizen because there are still dumb phones selling, but there are tons of people like myself that want their device to be good at what it's for as well and have other things be secondary. If my phone was Android based I would never receive a phone call, it would always be dead. My Samsung phone is older, dumb phone, and the battery lasts more than two weeks and fully charges in under two hours. When I need to make a phone call it always works, when I need to receive one, it always works. Now, I'm not against Android or anything, when they get battery life like that and are that reliable, then I'll get a phone running it, and not before then. A non-phone Android device doesn't have to be a phone, so I have one of those, it does it's job as a mobile media device, mp3, mp4 (and more to my tastes, mkv, FLAC, etc.. ^_^), Youtube, throwing stuff onto the tv with chromecast, all the stuff that people get smartphones for. I feel the same way about cameras. We have a specialised domain to worry about, lets do that right, and then think about frivolity.

A few more comments. Battery optimization is a HUGE issue in Android. You'll see this if you look in the kernel modding forums. Different distributions are preferred on different devices for purely this reason and some drain devices at ridiculous rates. It competes well with iOS and Windows, but both of them suck balls (excuse my language) at it as well. All three are designing to just get people through the day and are designed to be charged pretty much every other day as the longest stretch. That's why we've seen the recent explosion in the sale of external power packs and cases with built in additional batteries. Honestly the people running big companies have their priorities in all the wrong places, e.g. making phones thinner (it's nice, but many people would rather have it slightly larger with more battery or more processing power). How many of you out there can name the thinnest phone mass produced? That's what I thought.

So, even with all the things on my list to add to the firmware (in that thread Jerry started, and many are addressed in the NX30 firmware) my vote is to go with Tizen on this model. This the flagship billed as "pro," it has one job to do, and needs to do it without compromise. Well, that's the end of my tirade, and my vote doesn't count, but that's off my chest now ^_^.

Some lighter entertainment since that was a bit heavy, first up, stereotyping Instagram users ^_^:


And next, as photographers I'm sure we've heard this, even from other photographers:


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