MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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Just for you... I did not spent more than 30 sec, I did not try to be realistic, the only purpose is to show that extra blur can be done during PP. Final result depends on the skills and taste which I probably do not have.

What you can see is a possibility do do this.

This is a presentation only, do not judge hursh. Thanks for your interest

It looks very much like what you would get with the lens-baby. It does add some interesting look to the images, I agree here, and perhaps this was not even the best example. But that is why the lens-baby does not cost as much as true 35/1.4 for instance. I mean, if you think of it, why do they even make those fast lenses, and why is there a market for it.

Well, I can explain something... To assign blur area, I've used a simple circle, that is why blur looks like from a lensbaby. I had more options in my disposal, and maybe you could do a better job to make blur more natural.

Believe me, all these more than dozen options to assign blur geometry can give you lots of creative opportunities, especially when you can combine them.


Yes in Photoshop a person can do selective blurring (I use the lasso tool sometimes if the background is extremely distracting or busy on a shot where I didn't plan to have a blurred background) A person can blur the close background less, the mid background more, the far background more I think you are alluding to...but with your simple circle it gives a good illustration of what can be done (quickly) When I used a film camera, especially with low ISO films, many times seemed to want more DOF rather than less. Not saying that it's always desirable...just that it was how I felt many times.

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