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pixelpushing wrote:

Troutguy wrote:

well, its only rumours but, I dont need or want 28MP and I dont need or want 4k video or

Like it or not, tech marches on.

Or do you still use a 4MP camera with a SmartMedia card and 320x240 video? What does 'need' really mean to an amateur enthusiast..?

it means I wont be waiting on pins and needles for a 28mp 4k video featured Android Samsung camera.I dont need those features and It also means that I wont be willing to pay for something like this from Samsung,and it will no doubt way over-priced.

Everyone is entitled to want what they want, of course. If you don't want an Android powered camera, you can vote with your wallet, obviously.

But overpriced? I don't think that's a safe assumption. I bought my NX300 for $450 and 30mm on the used market for well under $200. I've never seen the 300 retail for more than $599 in brick and mortars like Best Buy,

Nah, it was retailing for 750 at Best Buy just a few months ago (even on Black Friday it didn't drop, I was looking for my camera at that time), and I think he is referring to "list price" rather than what the market price will end up being.  Even now it is currently listed at 650 by Best Buy and higher by some online stores like Dell ($750).  Newegg is at $599.  B&H is cheaper at $579 and Amazon is $550.  All those prices for new and with 18-55 kit lens, the 20-50 kits are a little cheaper.  Maybe you were talking body only, but at least for myself it was my first NX, so body only would have made little sense when the kit lenses add so little to the price.  I'm not trying to say the NX300 is overpriced though, it's not, but the original list price would have been a little bit steep in my opinion.

although the NX10/20/30 series commands a higher tag. The £899 UK price of the NX30 16-50 OIS kit does not, however, seem inflated to me. In fact, I think it bodes very well for a $999 USA price (or close to it). Not exactly outrageous for a starting MSRP for that model, and of course NX cameras usually do fall in price within 6-8 months of release.

thats what "need" means to me, may be different for you

I guess my confusion with your stance against 4K video and 28MP is, you pay for the progression of tech whether you like it or not. A few years ago, people were saying anything over 10MP was irrational, unworkable and unacceptable at higher ISO. They kicked and screamed and insisted they refused to buy into such excessive features. Today, most of those people probably own 16MP or 24MP models.

4K is inevitable. Higher MP is inevitable. If the product is too much, don't buy it, but I for one would welcome full Android over Tizen. After owning several cameras with very intuitive and direct control schemes (60D, A57, X100, NX100, NX200), I find the new UI very clunky. The whole 'we released the source for Tizen on NX300' thing was a total PR move with inadequate follow through to back it up so nothing has been done with it.

I mean, if you really oppose 'paying' for the advancement of features, just... Stick with the older model, I guess. Or buy something else?

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