Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

Mk82 wrote:

I got the feeling from video reviews that the software would be good. For erconomics testing I am about to go in few days to check body myself but I am wondering about the software features.

Even that I don't like Sony, I must give a change to A7 to proof it could be serious challenger.

Went yesterday to store and tested 2 hours the A7.

I didn't like the scrolls in it, were almost impossible to use with glows in hands and even without they were "slippery" and hard to feel.

For AF the A7 failed too many times in store dimmer lightning. When I got frustrated for its kit lens (what I would buy it first of course) in store alone, I couldn't manage how frustrated I could be when wanted to use AF lens in real situation.

A7 would typically come then in use with mount adapters for older lenses for manual focusing. There the A7 good colorful focus peak felt very nice but I noticed with it too that it rendered subjects in focus while they were blur. Don't know why I haven't read about that anywhere else, as it was terrible to spot that subject 2m front of me was in focus but so was the store background where there were good contrasted shelfs 20-30m from me and clearly out of focus even on display. Store sale person amazed from it when I asked her to help me if I had something wrong.

Now then I read about the sensor reflections from lense when aiming toward highlights here in DPR forum. Light sources are no where near center of frame and still camera gets huge light dots around them. Not good at all.

Finally the main deal really was missing IBIS. The kit lens OSS isn't no where near as powerful and effective as is E-M1 in body stabilization system. And I could only see in my eyes how in lower light situations focus is tracked back and worth and shots I get are out of focus because shaky hands and shutter speed being only 1/15.

And I was ready to really reject my suspicions toward Sony and take jump in blind faith for future but now I made my decision about A7.

I liked sony menu system, it was nice when you didn't need to scroll "outside" of the screen like on rest. But when finally I only need shutter, aperture and ISO control at finger tipts, menu is only a alternative browsing/time killer (read losing good moments to capture moments).

A7 felt like it is a dream camera, if I just would have a good heavy tripod. Lots of good heavy and big lenses and lots of time to do landscape/architecture photography. But I don't want those. Maybe some day I can turn back to check it out.

So thanks for the tip, but not for me

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