MFT Users: Do you miss the shallower depth-of-field of bigger sensor cameras?

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Re: Let's squash that confusion!

Great Bustard wrote:

So much so, in fact, that I often wonder how much being concerned with IQ and operation, as opposed to embracing whatever limitations you have, gets in the way of "good" photography.

One of the reasons I like primes. I'm less lazy with my composition.

I find it curious that so many read that in to my posts, especially considering how often I've posted that I'm quite the fan of smaller formats, including cell phones.

I was speaking more of others...I have always found your posts technical and impartial. I don't see smaller formats vs. FF being productive. For me they're complimentary systems and the debate isn't either/or but and. And understanding the key differences (your fight!) is key to understanding what to use when based on strengths of the chosen format.

I have to admit, however, that the pay could be better.

Working for free is over or underrated, depending on who you talk too...

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