Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

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Re: One faulty camera doesn't make a pattern (nt)

me_tarzan wrote:

Fair comment but it's just that in so many years of being a Pentax user (film and digital), this is the first time that I've had a new Pentax that has a glaring mechanical fault. I've seen software issues with Pentax. They were irritating but rain getting into a weatherproof camera is a fundamental fail. Pentax is such a respected name, their equipment has been used by professionals and amateurs for 60 years. I just hope that this experience of mine isn't a harbinger of Pentax's future.

Like others have said I wouldn't read too much into it.  You've had a good run with Pentax and what statistic there are don't show a lot of difference in reliability between brands.

I've read one other report of seal failure and that was - I think - a K30 it was over a year old but the fault had probably been there for the whole life of the camera, it just didn't get splashed for a while.

If the camera is new, I would demand a replacement, not a repair. If it left the factory not sealing properly I wouldn't trust a repair to put it right. Besides, if you have the only K3 where the seals failed in the field Ricoh will probably want to examine it

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