Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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the longevity is appealing. standards rapidly evolving...

bronxbombers4 wrote:

Well as has been said blu-ray is good for that now. It now costs no more per MB than DVD and it burns MUCH faster per MB and it takes up a lot less storage room since each disc holds so much more. Plus you can get special 1000 year discs (so you don't have to worry about disc rot, which I pray is not as bad as some claim, since I have lots of stuff on regular discs blu-eay and dvd). Last year I switched over to blu-ray from DVD for that, earlier on blu-ray burning used to cost way more.

The Longevity is appealing.

But, with the huge number of standards and disc types, I'd be worried about players able to read that content years down the road (not only the hardware needed to read them, but drivers for the newer Operating Systems).

IOW, I'm seeing formats related to BD9, BD5, BDXL, IH-BD and more; and now we've got other formats entering into the equation, too.

Hard drives are bad enough, even though there have not been that many changes in them over the years.  The biggest issue right now as far as my storage is concerned, is having a way to read the very old MFM type drives (as used by most of the first "IBM Compatible" computers decades ago, which required custom ROMs on WD compatible controller cards to access) using newer computers.

But, most newer hard drive types (IDE and SATA) can be easily accessed by virtually any Operating System via a simple USB adapter; with no special drivers needed.

I'm not sure Blu-Ray discs are going to enjoy the same compatibility for decades to come.

So, even though the better life expectancy (from a disc degradation perspective) looks attractive; the standards associated with Optical Media are changing so rapidly that I'd be concerned about having a system capable of reading those discs years down the road, even if they are still OK from a data degradation perspective.

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