a7R rear LCD display defect

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Re: a7R rear LCD display defect

Richard Mauro wrote:

Taken wit my Note 3. It looks as though it's coming up off the edge of the area it should be contained in. Maybe mis-applied or perhaps shifted. More likely mis-sized. I'm really surprised it slipped though like this.

I actually had a similar looking defect starting on my A7. It was on the right side of the LCD, and not the left. I wasn't sure if it had always been there and I didn't notice it, or if it was something that started to occur over the month or so of ownership.

It's hard to tell from your photo, the defect in mine looked like it was under the glass. Your photo makes it look like its more on top of the glass? Reminds me of a cell phone defect I had back in the day where they didn't glue the glass down properly and it started to lift at one of the corners.

Either way, I'd send it in for repair.

I ended up getting an A7R instead, and after a month it hasn't shown any LCD defects at the edges of the screen like my A7 did. But i've been obsessively looking it over after each use looking for any signs of trouble.

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